Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Studio 3011 - project 1 update

So, about two-and-a-half weeks have passed thus far in this new semester and the project we have been working on is to design a ticket booth for Alta Ski Resort. However, this is no ordinary ticket booth. By night it will transform into a nightclub. It will adapt to the climate for year-round use as well as adapt to the varying uses of people.

To accomplish this we began by studying the area and the documented journey to the site.

In addition to the site study/journey documentation, we researched solar patterns, wind and snowfall info. then created presentation boards.

To begin understanding transformation we took a sheet of paper and cut and folded it in many ways but didn't remove any portion (if it was unfolded and laid flat it would look like a regular piece of paper). Then we applied a force of either water, fire, plaster, etc. to transform it with a lack of control.

Further iterations progressed to these three and then the final paper creation:

Predictions of the transformations:

The final paper creation altered by 12 quarts of hot water:

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